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Combination Boiler

Combination Boiler

A combination (or combi) boiler is like a standard unvented boiler, only with a second heating circuit (the domestic hot water circuit) to provide instant hot water on demand - thus the name 'combination boiler'. the secondary circuit is fed directly from the mains water supply to the plated heat exchanger , as long as the boiler is firing, there is no limit to the amount of hot water that can be produced.

In an age where space is a highly sought after commodity, combination boilers are understandably becoming ever more popular. All water tanks in the loft and even the domestic hot water cylinder are done away and hot water is heated instantaneously, on demand by the boiler.

They are ideal for flats and smaller households with low/ infrequent hot water consumption, especially where space is at a premium, but for homes with more than one bathroom it is generally worth considering stored hot water by means of a cylinder.

Kitchen and Bathroom mixers do not require as high pressures as showers, and as such, do not often need to be pump assisted.

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