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Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating (UFH) is growing in popularity both in new construction and in the conservatory market. Under floor heating has been in wide scale use in many countries for several decades but is still quite new to the UK but is becoming popular.

Ideally suited for kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and small extensions with solid floor construction and floor area of up to 15m2

It is invisible, economical, and quiet, there is no maintenance and the heat distribution is even.
Under floor heating heats rooms evenly from floor level so you get a more effective and comfortable distribution of heat.

With a traditional radiator system where most heat ends up at ceiling level as the radiators draw cold air across at floor level convecting it towards the ceiling. The result - the coldest part of the room is at floor level and there are uncomfortable drafts.

In contrast, a high proportion of warmth from under floor heating is radiant heat warming from foot level making us more comfortable as we stand or sit. The floor effectively becomes a large thermal store which gives off a constant even heat.

Under floor heating is silent and it does not dry out the air like radiators. It can be installed under almost every floor type, wood, tile and laminate. Under floor heating can even be laid on top of an existing floor and covered with tiles.

Running costs

As under floor systems operate with a flow temperature of around 500C, the use of condensing boilers can deliver efficiencies of up to 98%. Under floor heating is therefore very economical to run compared to conventional radiator systems, saving on your fuel bills and kinder to the environment as a result.

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